November 6, 2023

In the Master Craftsman’s Workshop

We were walking down a narrow street in the 13th arrondissement (administrative district) of Paris when I saw a small instrument workshop. A man was sitting in the middle carving a viola. Around the walls and on the workbenches were several stringed instruments in various stages of development. It was such a cool place! I had to stop. The craftsman was talking to a customer, and I waited outside. After a couple of minutes, the customer left. I asked the gentlemen if he spoke English, and to my delight he did. We talked about how cool his shop was and what an artist he was. When I asked, he told me that there was at least one of his instruments playing in all of the major orchestras of Paris. After some time he asked me what I did. I told him that I teach the Bible. He was open and interested. As we talked, the Lord blessed me with a great illustration.

This craftsman was holding an unfinished viola in his hand. It was beautiful but clearly incomplete. He was carving along the edge. His movements seemed pointless to me, like they weren’t making any difference. However, from his perspective they were vital to seeing the instrument shaped into his grand design. I thought of our relationship with God. The truths of God’s Word work in our lives, shaping and forming us into His masterpiece. Sometimes, we may even ask, why does He want me to do this? Why would he emphasize or ask me to believe that? Yet the Master sees the big picture. He is forming us and shaping us into His image, one touch, one obedience, one confession at a time. In the beginning, those instruments are beautiful to the craftsman alone because he is the only one who can see the finished product. In the end they are stunning to all who behold. So it is with us! How this truth blessed me! And the craftsman seemed really touched as I used his work to describe to him what it is like to teach the incorruptible Word of God to others. Praise God for such a great opportunity and experience! We finished our conversation, and he thanked me for my visit. I left him some information and can’t wait to see him again the next time that I am in Paris. [September 2023]

Pictures from Barcelona, Spain

Mission Trip to United Kingdom, Ireland, and the Netherlands.
November 6-27, 2023

With Pastor Greg Anderson.  Great things are happening in these places. We have met many Pastors and have ministered for a couple of them. In 3 cities (one in each of these countries), we have begun to lay the groundwork for outreach and church planting. In fact, we have local contacts with whom we will be working. This will be something new and wonderful! Lastly, we have connected with historical churches like Smith Wigglesworth’s mission in Bradford and Evan Robert’s church in Wales where there is a hunger to see God bring revival again in our day! This trip will be 3 weeks, considerably longer than usual (which is why the budget is higher), and we still won’t do everything that could be done. [Pastor Greg will be with me for the first half. The second half I will be with British ministers.]

Trip Budget: $5500.

Recent Testimonies from the Church in Burgos

  • One of our women had been suffering from hip pain. The Lord healed her, and she is free from pain!
  • As always, we believe God to draw people to church. One day, Pastor Daphne and I were talking, and I told her to plead her case to the Lord about it. The following week while ministering, she noticed a woman with shopping bags walk up to the door and look in. Then she walked away. A minute later she returned with shopping bags in tow and came into the church. She sat down and listened to the message. After the service she testified that she was so drawn to the church that she couldn’t help but enter, even though she was carrying her groceries. Pastor Daphne prayed for her, and she thanked her for the ministry that was exactly what she needed in this season of her life.
  • A couple of our people are really growing in knowledge and obedience to God’s Word. It’s so fun to watch their progress. Praise God!

More from France and Belgium with Pastor Michael

A lot of extra prayer went into this trip. Our prayer team has been specifically praying for God to divinely connect us with the right people. The prayer team at Family Church Fredoina was praying for the trip. Pastor Michael himself prays a lot. We saw an increase in favor and open doors with:

  • A hotel manager that we have visited (and even eaten with) on the past several trips. He always said he is an atheist, but he was very open to me praying for his injured knee this time.
  • A brother and sister that run a Lebanese restaurant. We have visited them the past two trips and have quite a rapport now.
  • An Afghani shop keeper who was all smiles as we talked with him.
  • A cook at a Greek restaurant who often passes through Burgos on his way home to Portugal.
  • A couple who runs a tearoom and conversed with us about their passions and business prospects.
  • The woman who runs what I think is the best pastry shop on the planet. We had great favor with her, and she even gave us free food and taught us about the difference between Belgium and France.
  • The owner/operator of an Italian restaurant that we have visited the last three trips.
  • A Christian woman who runs a small shop near the train station.
  • And others that we will share about in future partner letters if we have room. God gets all of the glory for the great things that He is doing!

Thank you again for your prayers and partnership. We believe that God is putting together all of our prayers, giving, and steps of obedience to ultimately provide good, stable, Word & Spirit ministry all over the world. The Gospel must be preached in all nations. This revival must come to full fruition. The harvest must be gathered in. The Lord must return! By His grace we will be faithful in our generation. Many blessings to you and yours! 
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