Nyköping | Sweden

Nyköping, Sweden

Nyköping is a small idyllic city on the sea. A river of the same name meanders through town, surrounded by picturesque parks and quaint bridges. It is beautiful on the outside, but, like so many places in Europe it is in great need of the gospel.

While in the city, we met owners of small shops, and endeavored to encourage them in their work. With one in particular, the Lord seemed to lead us to leave a Christian book and show them how to look to Him for strength and success.

In Nyköping, as in at least one other city that we visited, the Holy Ghost seemed to emphasize the great work to be done among the children. Imagine being raised in a place where truths about God and the church are very marginalized. Children grow not knowing that God exists and loves them, will lead them in His plan for them and will help them grow in relationship with Him through a good church. How can people live their lives without these truths? The work we do as Christians is so vital, and we believe that God’s will shall be fully accomplished in Nyköping!

  • Nyköping has a population of 38,780 people.
  • It is located 60 miles south of Stockholm, the capital of Sweden.
  • The “Nyköping banquet,” an important historical event took place here in 1317. Swedish King Birger had his two brothers captured for an attempted coup against him. They were imprisoned without food until they starved to death.
  • The Biostaden cinema, boasting Sweden’s largest movie screen, is located in Nyköping.