Coimbra | Portugal

Coimbra, Portugal

While visiting Coimbra, we were surprised to learn that it was Portugal’s first capital, beginning in the year 1129. Today it is a lovely, historical city with Portugal’s oldest university, currently serving 23,000 students.

The people of Coimbra are open and friendly, and we had nice interactions with a few of them while we were visiting. This is a convenient city for us because it is only about 5.5 hours in car from our home city of Burgos, Spain. Believe with us that God’s Highest Plan will be accomplished here!

  • Over 140,000 people live in Coimbra.
  • The University of Coimbra is the oldest university in the entire Portuguese-speaking world.
  • The University defines modern-day Coimbra which is also known as “The city of students.”
  • The historical buildings of the university have been declared a World Heritage Center by UNESCO and its library is the second largest in Portugal.