Oulu | Finland

Oulu, Finland

Oulu is way up north, near the artic circle. We happened to visit it on the longest day of the year. Although arriving at nearly 2 am, it was light outside. In fact, it never did get dark during our several-day visit.

The people in Oulu were friendly, down-to-earth and well-known for their zany sense of humor. They tried to take good care of us and explain their food and customs. We ate at a simple cafe in the main market downtown. They served a piping-hot, delicious salmon chowder that I would definitely eat again any time I had the chance!

We met some neat ladies making and selling jewelry in a shop. After visiting with them, we gave them some Christian material, encouraging them to trust in the Lord. I have a sense that any work in Oulu would grow quickly because there seems to be an openness and a hunger in this town.

  • Oulu is the oldest and largest city in Northern Finland.
  • It has 267,000 inhabitants.
  • Oulu is a major technology center, especially in the areas of IT and wellness.
  • Winter cycling is very popular in Oulu. If you visit in the winter, you will be amazed by the number of cyclists and the excellent maintenance of bike routes.
  • Oulu is one of Europe’s “living labs” where the locals participate in city wide trials of new technologies.