Mons | Belgium

Mons, Belgium

Mons is a French speaking city in southern Belgium. It is small for a city, working class, and rather quaint. The people are very friendly and open. It is not a very popular tourist destination, but it does have the dubious distinction of being the location of both the first and last shots of World War 1.

The food is fine in Mons. While there, I would recommend a Belgian waffle and a bottle of cherry/apple juice. Very tasty!

As I said, the people of Mons are very open and friendly. We have had many opportunities to visit with and even witness for Christ during our visits here. One day as I was walking in a small park, the Lord seemed to draw my attention to a person walking behind me. As he approached, I realized that he only had one arm. I began to talk to him and mentioned God’s love for Him. He told me that he was schizophrenic and that he had gotten drunk, had a motorcycle accident, and lost his arm. There was no way that God loved him. I assured him that God truly, deeply loved him and gave him a gospel tract on God’s love. I will never forget how he walked away clutching that tract and holding it up, demonstrating its value to him. I long to reunite with Him on earth or in heaven.

Of all the places I travel, it seems that this one is the most ready for a church plant. We believe the work will go forward here soon! Let us know if you want to be a part!

  • Mons derives from the Latin root word “Montes” meaning “mountain.”
  • Population of about 96,000 people.
  • Main religion is Roman Catholic, which comprises about 60% of the population of Belgium.
  • About 31% are non religious, and the rest are Muslim, Protestant, and Jewish faith.