January 2020

God is moving in our Burgos church!

Over the past several months we have seen such an increase in our meetings. More visitors are coming, even from near-by towns. Some people that had left are returning and seeking a deeper relationship with God. Two people recently got filled with the Holy Ghost. Praise the Lord! It is so good to see an increase in spiritual things and growth in the number of people. You have been faithful to pray and give, we have been faithful to teach the Bible, and now, together, we are seeing God’s faithfulness in Burgos. How wonderful! 

We had a great Christmas service. As happened here, more new people are praying with us to accept the Lord. Awesome!
Here is a picture of a nice meal after service with church folk and their families. In Spain, food is a great way to connect with new people. Some came from surrounding towns and even other countries.
Last fall we had a four week class on the Holy Spirit and prayer. Later these two ladies visited our house to be filled with the Holy Ghost. After discussing the Word and praying a simple prayer of faith, both easily began to pray in the Holy Spirit. Glory to God!
One of our new people visited to decorate Christmas cookies. After retirement, she dedicated herself to the study of Catholic theology and prayer. She always speaks of the great peace that is in our services and talks of how all the priests should do what we do!
We gave out 20 Christmas cookie plates or bags as a little outreach. It really made an impression. Our butcher told her customers that they should do such things at Christmas.
This year we went big on Christmas cookies, making around 600. People came over to help us decorate. Serving cookies after the Christmas service was very popular!